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State of the art shuttle less looms producing wide range of high quality fabrics with design perfection.

Weaving unit is located near Erode, Tamil Nadu. It specializes in manufacturing wider-width fabric upto 140 inches in the 500 TC to 1000TC (thread count) range.

We have Sulzer wider width Jumbo looms and 18 Sulzer Airjet looms, specially, capable of producing ultra fine count fabric in narrow/ Wider–width.
We produce with 2,4 and 8 pick insertions, with maximum warp density of 110 ends/cm (280 ends/inch) with warp counts up to 100s Ne. Currently 18 Dobby looms have been specially modified for ultra fine count weaving which are also in wider – width formats.
Jumbo looms capable of producing joint less rolls of 3000 meters in length specifically meant for industrial textiles Value adding in the future with jacquard looms for targeting high quality home textile products.

Key Processes

Latest technology and manufacturing equipment has improved the quality of reconstituted the textile processing industry.

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Weaving Unit
Weaving Unit
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